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At Open GI, we firmly believe that technology should serve a purpose. That’s why when developing Mobius, our cutting-edge cloud-native broking platform, we built it around your business.

 Our mission was simple. Create a personalised solution that goes beyond. Mobius can revolutionise your experience, boosting efficiency, streamlining processes, and delivering noteworthy performance, scalability, and value right from the moment you make the switch.

Automate your upgrades

The rapid pace of technological change makes it challenging to stay ahead of the latest software developments.

Connect your business to the next generation of technology. With Mobius, installing releases are now a thing of the past. Mobius ensures maximum performance and minimum downtime providing you with up to the minute daily upgrades, latest development capabilities and new features, with no fuss, disruption or additional costs.

The landscape of how customers expect to access insurance is changing. By using a cloud-native platform to go digital means a more dynamic process for your business and customers.

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Mobius Brochure

Your must-have free guide on our advanced cloud-native broking platform.

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Our cloud-native broking platform built with the best SaaS architecture.

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