Digital Solutions

Transform your business with the right digital solutions

Transform your business with the latest digital insurance software. Embrace innovation and see your business reach new heights. By committing to digital transformation, you’ll modernise and adapt to evolving customer needs, ultimately taking your business to the next level.

Say goodbye to manual workload and hello to automated workflows.

Businesses that incorporate digital solutions into their everyday operations exhibit greater business agility than those using manual workflows, especially when dealing with the challenges of growth.

Our digital solutions are designed to ensure you remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital world. Through seamless digital integration with our advanced Core or Mobius policy administration systems, we deliver not just robust business solutions, but also client-focused solutions that align with your strategic goals.

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Business Intelligence

Grow your business using real-time business performance insights to identify new opportunities.
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Client Self-Service

Enable your clients to manage their policies online using an intuitive and secure portal.
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Digital Elements

Boost your online presence with a responsive B2C website. Complement with Digital Analytics to see exactly how your customers are using your website to improve quote conversions.
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Claim your spot on the leading aggregator sites and offer quotes to new prospective clients.
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Conduct all the client risk checks you need to at point of sale.
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Real-Time Pricing

Tailor premiums to suit each customer by adjusting premiums in real time as you need.

Business intelligence

Take the guesswork out of decision making

Improving productivity and increasing revenues are essential goals for any business looking to thrive in today’s competitive market. One key aspect to achieving these goals is implementing a solid business intelligence strategy. This involves identifying the specific issues you need to address within your organisation and finding the right solutions that will not only meet your needs but also provide added value.

Gone are the days of relying solely on manual Excel spreadsheets to analyze data. A robust business intelligence tool can help streamline your processes by giving you access to real-time, relevant information when you need it most. By having the right guidance and tools in place, you can make informed decisions that align with your business objectives, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and increased profitability.

Our comprehensive business intelligence solution offers a wide range of features, including data mining, process analysis, performance benchmarking, and easy-to-understand analytics all conveniently displayed on one user-friendly dashboard. Whether you have a single location or multiple branches, our system can give you a complete overview of your operations, helping you make smarter choices that drive success.

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Easily identify areas of growth and weakness to maximise your profitability and productivity.
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Increase real-time visibility of your business performance from renewals and new business through to marketing or debtors/creditors to improve and move forward on your goals.
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Centralise and keep all of your management reporting in one location from multiple branches and other external sources. Ensuring you are always in control.

Client self-service

Empower your customers and free yourself – what’s not to like?

Are you an insurance broker or MGA looking to give your business a competitive advantage?

At Open GI our digital insurance solutions are all about saving time, cutting costs, and shaking things up with digital transformation. We’re talking about a customer self-service portal that puts the power in your clients’ hands, letting them manage their policies on their own terms. It’s all about convenience and efficiency.

Letting customers take care of their own policy management online can be a real-time saver. From renewals and MTAs to claims and payments, your customers will be able to self-serve their policies using their own dedicated logins. Better still, they’ll be able to access all the documentation to support their adjustments and changes without you having to send so much as an email.

Customers are in search of a fast, reliable, and easy way to handle their policies. With a client self-serve portal, you give them just that – a convenient way to manage their insurance management needs anytime, anywhere, on any device. This not only boosts customer engagement but also allows you and your team to focus on nurturing client relationships, instead of getting stuck in policy administration tasks.

With our six advanced portals, our insurance solution provides you with the flexibility to tailor your services to suit your business and your clients perfectly. It’s time to take your insurance business online and deliver the standout experience your clients deserve.

Digital solutions at Open GI, Insurance software, Insurtech, Digital insurance solutions, digital insurance solutions

Our six portals include:

Document Portal Document Download Online MTA Renewals Payment Claims
A secure application so you can invite your clients to download their own policy documents and details. A download tool that allows you to email your clients to request outstanding documents. An online MTA solution where your clients can make real-time amendments to their motor policy. This solution enables your clients to login and renew their policies with their current insurer across a range of business lines. A payment gateway where your clients can make online payments against their insurance policies. A secure, mobile-optimised FNOL claims solution where your clients can notify you in the event of a claim.
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Your customers benefit from greater choice and flexibility with their online policies.
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You can boost your customer insight by capturing data in a structured format within management information reports.
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All stored in a secure web environment linked straight into your Open GI Policy Administration system.

Digital elements

Quote-and-buy websites to increase your reach

By providing 24/7, real-time online insurance quotations with a quick and easy customer journey from your own, fully-functioning website, you can boost customer confidence, deliver a fantastic customer experience, and allow the sales to drive themselves.

The new Digital Elements is an out-of-the-box website, a cost-effective pre-packaged offer designed to maximise your online capability. Built to match your brand, Digital Elements allows you to build a fully-responsive end-to-end journey that your customers will love.

The Digital Elements package includes:

  • A secure, online quote-and-buy solution integrated into your policy administration system.
  • Integration with a range of Premium Finance providers with secure online payments.
  • Access to post code validation and vehicle index lookup facilities.
  • Option to update the question sets displayed to your customers.
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Key benefits

  • Will save you time enabling you to deliver a seamless customer experience, creating their best online customer journey.
  • Increase business efficiency through online automated quote processing. enabling you work smarter.
  • Meet your customers’ expectations by providing flexible access to your policies 24/7, on any device, wherever they are.
  • Allow your customers to purchase insurance products quickly and easily.
  • Expose your business to a nationwide audience.
  • Contributes to your carbon neutral business targets through savings in energy, paper, and delivery.

Want to drive even better results?

Boost your website insights with Digital Analytics

For total control of your eTrading strategy, our Digital Analytics product provides a powerful reporting suite and toolset so you can track, analyse and understand how your website is performing.

A standard Digital Analytics dashboard is included in your Digital Elements package:

  • Get a real understanding of user behaviour by uncovering trends and patterns in user journeys.
  • Use data and not guesswork to test and determine the best course of action for your website.
  • Improve conversion rates by getting the right information to your customers sooner.
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Extend your reach with price comparison website integrations

You’re in business because you know how to find the best possible insurance products for your clients at the right price.

However, this doesn’t stop your clients from shopping around.

In today’s world, with access to insurance products in our pockets, one of the first ports of call for many consumers is a visit to a price comparison website. If you want to be present when your clients (and your competitors clients!) head to the aggregators, you can make use of our online distribution application.

With multiple lines of business available including Car, Residential Property, Commercial Vehicle, Motorbike and SME, you’ll be connected to the leading price comparison sites in no time at all and will be able to offer quotes 24/7, 365 days a year.

Digital solutions at Open GI, Insurance software, Insurtech, Digital insurance solutions, digital insurance solutions
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Choose the sites you want to use and control your level of exposure with your preferred aggregators
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Place large volumes of quotes across several standard and niche schemes.
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Give an improved client experience as the client travels directly to your website – improving the accuracy of quote conversions and helping you efficiently secure new business.


Real-time pricing. Real big conversions.

Imagine a world where you could adjust your premium rates at the touch of a button.

No need to manually source and apply rates. No need to go back and forth to get the best rates.

Using our real-time pricing application you’ll be able to set live rates for your products using rules that are specific to your target markets and insurer agreements. You can track how these rates perform and adjust them to optimise your quote conversion sweet spot.

Start doing more, better-quality business today.

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Create a better bargaining position with insurers with forecasted results so you can secure new schemes and win new business.
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Implement tighter pricing controls and maintain your underwriting integrity.
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Offer discounts to your clients through specific ‘off screen’ loads.


Data enrichment for a clearer picture of your customers

Simply put, better knowledge means better results so quick and easy methods for performing highly accurate yet simple risk checks, can ensure you give the right cover at the right price for customers, while controlling your own costs and mitigating your risks.

But you may not have the necessary data analytics capabilities or the technological resources to enrich your view. And, if you can, then sometimes you need to understand more than your own data when it comes to a customer, their property or vehicle being insured.

From ID, insurance fraud and risk scoring through to claims (sourced from CUE™), commercial risks and vehicle checks, our data enrichment applications work with third-party data services at point of quote.

With real-time, accurate quotes customised to influence the quote status and the premium quoted, you can also check the most suitable payment options applicable for your clients too, making the selling and purchasing of insurance much more straightforward.

Digital solutions at Open GI, Insurance software, Insurtech, Digital insurance solutions, digital insurance solutions
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Total integration with your Open GI Policy Administration system and other digital applications.
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Check the most suitable payment options applicable for your customers at point of quote.
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Results generated are customised to influence the quote status and the premium quoted.

Core Policy Administration

Our first and flagship full-service broking platform

Mobius Policy Administration

Our cloud-based broking platform built with the best SaaS architecture