Powerful MGA Software Solutions for Streamlined Operations and Business Growth

Welcome to the future of Managing General Agents (MGAs) in the insurance industry.

We understand the unique challenges that MGAs face and have developed sophisticated software solutions tailored exclusively for your success.

Our software is designed to empower your operations, streamline underwriting efficiency, enhance policy management, and fuel remarkable business growth.

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Streamlined processes

Imagine a world where underwriting processes are streamlined, policy management is effortless, and business growth becomes second nature.

Our MGA software is designed to turn this vision into reality.

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and embrace a new era of efficiency.

Customer Self Serve

Key benefits

  • Tailored solutions
  • Dedicated support and training
  • Easily identify areas of growth and weakness
  • Increase real-time visibility
  • Centralise and keep all your management reporting in one location
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Integrate with your policy administration system to develop, test and monitor your products

IHP Plus

Extend your market reach as product distribution and mitigating fraud is made easy

Product Underwriting

We have a full range of services, readily available to link up with our insurance underwriting software

Imagine an underwriting process that is not only efficient but also seamless.

Our advanced MGA software empowers you to make informed decisions with agility and precision, freeing you from manual tasks and ushering in a new era of efficient underwriting.

With a proven track record in successful MGA software implementations, we understand the significance of reliability. Our software is built on a foundation of credibility, scalability, and security, ensuring your data is safeguarded and your operations fortified.

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Core Policy Administration

Our first and flagship full-service broking platform

Mobius Policy Administration

Our cloud-native broking platform built with the best SaaS architecture

Request a demo of our software today, and experience the power of streamlined operations and growth.