Core 18 release – your enhancements package

Your Core platform improvements

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve how Core works for you. As part of our continued investment, we’ll deliver another round of enhancements throughout 22/23 within our Core 18 Release.

Your continuous feedback and the Open GI community help shape the changes we prioritise and make to enhance your platform.

On this page, you’ll find all the new features available in your Core 18 Release, including all the supporting On Demand recordings and slides.

Don’t forget to check out the Open GI Support Centre for the additional guides and release notes you need to help prepare your business.

Your Core Phase 1 features

Data Purging;
• New fields have been added to the Claim Detail Purge and Purge History Modules menus – these will include ‘terminated policies only’ and ‘delete up to date’ fields.
• You can now delete Risk Level Modules in bulk.
• The Prospect Background Purge allows you to include Open GI Commercial lines policies – these can then be purged when using the background purge functionality.
• You can amend and mark policies for deletion – policies where there are no outstanding diaries, transactions or claims can now be marked for deletion and picked up in the Core/Prospect Background Purge functions.

In addition to improving the purging functionality, we’ve also delivered the following features;
• Executive replacement – allows you to assign an alternative Executive on a Core/Prospect policy and any linked diary entries.
• Ability to set an Alert Theme to flag policy status  – new functionality will allow you to change the theme colour on a policy using calculations.
• Document name validation in calcs – when entering a document name in a calc you can search for selection errors if the name/code does not match.
• Add-on Marketplace – change sequence of policies  – will allow you to sort the defaulted add-on market list by an insurer and premium.
• The finance offer at renewal can include endorsements and add-ons.

Additional Support

Online guides are available on our Support Centre. Our Customer Support team are also on hand for further questions.

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