Supplementary Sales and Product Terms – Ratings Services



Cloud Services Shared Cluster/Shared DB or Dedicated DB: The performance of the shared cluster multi-tenant cluster can be impacted by other tenants in the environment. The performance of the solution is directly affected by the products, and they should follow the best practices laid out in the training. Changes to volumes caused by the addition of new Aggregators or distribution channels, may require us to scale the clusters. Increases in hosting costs from Microsoft will be passed on.

Ratings Cloud Services The annual licence fee for Ratings Cloud Services is charged as follows: Where an initial monthly fee of £150 is charged – provision for up to 1,000,000 quote requests per month is provided. In these circumstances, for each month quote requests exceed this volume the following charges apply: – an additional charge of £150 per month will be invoiced for quote requests up to a volume of 2,500,000. – an additional charge of £200 per month will be invoiced for quote requests up to a volume of 5,000,000. – an additional charge of £500 per month will be invoiced for quote requests up to a volume of 10,000,000. Where at any period, quote requests exceed 10,000,000 in any given month it will be required that the solution is moved to a dedicated cluster and will be subject to additional costs on a separate Order Form. Please note that the above volumes/amounts can be changed subject to 3 months-notice.

Ratings Schemes: Clients will be required to attend a mandatory training course before creating schemes within Ratings. Training will be limited to 2 attendees and attendees must have C# knowledge and experience to be able to develop products on the Ratings portal. Training will provide overview of functionality only and it will be the Clients responsibility to ensure any Ratings rules have been deployed correctly into their Schemes. Open GI accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors resulting from Customer built schemes. Ratings Schemes training must be taken within 12 months of the contract being signed. No support will be provided for Ratings schemes until after training has been completed and only then to trained personnel within the Customer organisation. Access to the Ratings portal will only be provided once training has been completed.

Following acceptance of scheme development, amendments and enhancements must be contracted for separately.

The Generic Enrichment is provided by Open GI strictly in accordance with the following additional terms:

  • The enrichment tool may only be used by the Client internally for its own business purposes and on its own data. Under no circumstances is the Client permitted to sub-licence, sell, distribute, copy, or otherwise grant a third party rights to use the tool.
  • The tool may not be used by the Client outside of its own systems. Any integration with a third party system requires the specific consent in writing of Open GI which may be refused by Open GI.
  • Open GI reserves the right to modify, adapt or add to the tool at any time whereupon it will provide the Client with as much notice as possible of a change.
  • To ensure the integrity of its services, Open GI reserves the right to review any integration(s) which the Client may have made with the tool. The Client must fully co-operate with Open GI to facilitate a review. Open GI will provide the Client with a minimum of 5 business days’ notice of any intended review.

Add-ons: For the Mobius platform, Add-ons are created and managed in Ratings and this is included in your package. Usage of Ratings is limited to Add-ons only. You may upgrade for full access to Ratings, on purchase of the relevant Ratings licence.