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The Mobius platform comprises of the Web-based policy administration system (Mobius UI), Developer portal for API access, the Dynamic Pricing Tool and Remote Desktop Applications. With the exception of the Remote Desktop Applications, the platform is accessed via a browser. Access to components of the platform will be dependent on your agreement with Open GI.

The Mobius UI is tested across the browsers and operating systems listed below. However, the Remote Desktop Applications are only tested and supported on Windows 10 and above. Use of the Remote Desktop Applications is only supported for use via PCs running Windows 10 and above, Professional version only.

As Mobius is predominantly a web-based platform, customers will need a reliable internet connection to successfully use Mobius. We recommend a minimum download speed of 10Mbps and upload speed of 1Mbps per 4 users. Home based or hybrid users will need good internet connections. Performance is likely to be reduced on slower connections. Open GI support/demarcation starts at the point traffic reaches the datacentre, Open GI cannot support performance issues prior to traffic reaching the data center as internet connection can be subject to speed/contention.

The Mobius User Interface (UI) and Developer portals are supported on the following browsers and devices:

  • Supported Browsers and Operating Systems
  • Google Chrome, Latest version operating on Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge, Latest version operating on Windows 10
  • Mozilla Firefox, Latest version operating on Windows 10
  • Safari, Latest version (*16) operating on Big Sur and Catalina
  • And the following Tablets, in both portrait and landscape modes:
  • Google Chrome operating on Galaxy Tablet S7
  • Safari operating on iPad Pro 12.0

The supported resolutions for Desktops are: 1920×1080 and 1024×768

Mobius UI is not tested or supported on Mobile devices.

Devices that access Mobius must be kept up-to-date with the latest updates/service packs and anti-virus where appropriate. Availability of support is as per standard terms and conditions. Outside of these hours, the system will be available subject to a scheduled maintenance window.

To use the Mobius UI we require you to apply additional authentication; either through our Multi-factor authentication provision, or you may opt to authenticate via your own Single Sign-on provider.

Supported Authentication Providers:

  • Asure AD (preferred, required if your domain is Azure registered)
  • SAML
  • WS-Fed

Developer Portal and Ratings do not currently support SSO

Remote Desktop Applications do not support SSO

A total quota of 32Gb of storage space will be provisioned per Client as part of the solution. The storage space is inclusive for Mobius Policy Admin System data, email user accounts and general user documents/images. It must not be used for storage of data outside of policy administration. If additional space is required, it would be subject to additional cost.

You will be provided with the number of user accounts stated on your order form. Additional accounts may be requested and will incur additional fees. You will be responsible for managing user accounts via SSO, or requesting changes via our customer services portal. It is possible to swap user accounts, however a fair-usage policy applies. In line with Microsoft licensing agreements, user accounts must be Named Users and not generic/shared accounts. Usernames and passwords must not be disclosed to anyone, including Open GI staff.

Following receipt of your order form, you will complete the configuration document/portal, in conjunction with your Open GI Project Manager. This will be used by our Implementation Team to configure your Mobius to your requirements prior to handover for testing. Configuration for Mobius PAS Time is included, to help with the initial set up of the Mobius Policy Administration System.


In order to provide support, from time-to-time Open GI staff may need to access your live environment for the time it takes to resolve the issue. We will keep records of these instances and this will not affect any fair usage policies or license counts.

We only support Open GI platforms, APIs (accessed via the Developer Portal), and agreed 3rd party integrations. Other 3rd party integrations will not be supported.

Mobius is a multi-tenant SaaS platform, and we are unable to make bespoke platform changes for specific customers outside of the platform’s configuration capability. However, to make sure we continue to improve and enhance Mobius, customer feedback is encouraged and can inform changes delivered as part of the Mobius roadmap.

Any existing licenses owned by the Client cannot be utilised in the PAS solution. For clients who opt to use their own Exchange Online services, it is the Client’s responsibility to configure Outlook to connect to their email service provider.

Where our platform integrates with 3rd-party service or where Enrichment is provided by 3rd Party software, Open GI cannot be held responsible for support of the 3rd-party service or inaccuracies of data retrieved. Similarly, where your own data is used, Open GI cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of that data.


All training is to be taken within 12 months from the commencement of the Order Form. No refund or transfer of unused sessions. Open GI provides training at the solution price, should any training not be required the full Order Form price will still be applicable.

Onsite Training: During on-site sessions, Delegates must be exclusively available for training between the hours of 10am-4pm, with the Trainer being entitled to an hour for lunch break. Unless time is lost through system interruption (or other reasons deemed the responsibility of the trainer), time will be invoiced as per the Order Form. Time lost during the session for other reasons (delegate interruptions or other business matters) will not be held in credit, therefore any content not covered may need to be contacted.

Remote sessions – Remote sessions require access to the interet via a broadband connection and also telephone access using a headset is preferable. It is desirable that the delegate is siutated in an environment conducive to training and is not able to be interrupted by day to day business. Delegates need to ensure that they are registered for the session in advance if the session needs registration (details would be provided by Open GI). Delegates must ensure that they are logged onto the session 10 minutes before the agreed commencement time. Late access to the course will not be permitted and no refund in this instance would be provided.

Full access instructions will be provided when the course date and time has been confirmed by the Training department. Open GI recommends no more than 4 delegates from each broker/customer site attend at any one time. We reserve the right to remove disruptive delegates, with the session deemed as delivered and charged in full.

Cancellation of training: Open GI reserves the right to charge for late cancellation, non-attendance, or postponement of all Training Services (includes onsite). Cancellations and transfers requested by the client will only be accepted if made in writing and received at least twelve working days before the start of the course. Later cancellations cannot be accepted, and the full payment will remain payable. Non-refundable expenses incurred in advance of the training (e.g., flights), will be charged in full to the client.

Finance: Open GI will invoice the Client at the time that Services effort is expended against the Order Form by Open GI. Services time must be used within 18 months of the date that the Order Form has been accepted (“Order End Date”) by Open GI. If Services time is not exhausted by the Order End Date, then any unused Services time remaining on the Order Form will be invoiced in full by Open GI and payable by the Client. Services time is not transferrable and the Client will need to re-contract for any further Services time required. In the event it has not been possible to deliver Services by the Order End Date, due to delays caused by Open GI, then any remaining Services time can be used within a period of 6 months of the Order End Date to allow delivery to be completed.


For any software items included in Mobius that an existing Open GI Client has not used before, the relevant training must be taken in order for support to be available on that product. For any software item requiring the return of a registration form, questionnaire or configuration sheet, the software will not be available for use if the form is not returned with the signed order. If the forms are returned at a later date once Mobius has been deployed, additional services may be required in order to activate the product.

Scheme Development: Following acceptance of scheme development, amendments and enhancements must be contracted for separately.

Consultancy Services: Consultancy sessions to be taken within 18 months of the commencement of the Order Form. No refund or transfer of unused sessions. Open GI provides this Order Form at the solution price, should any consultancy not be required the full Order Form price will still be applicable.