Develop, test and monitor to stand out of the crowd

If you are a broker or MGA with delegated authority you need to move with the market in real time. By enabling quick changes to your insurance products, you can easily meet the changing needs of today’s online shoppers.

Fully integrated to your policy administration systems, and with access to a wide panel of insurers, Ratings single build approach means you have easy control over building, testing and monitoring your products. Combined with a reporting dashboard that is instantaneously updated, Ratings ensures you’ll be well placed to maximise your returns from the market.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure and built with a flexible and comprehensive c# rating engine, Ratings provides support for Polaris and is business line agnostic, unlike other rating solutions.

Key benefits:

Product management and control – One dashboard allows you to control multiple schemes and products, as well as underwriting, ratings, and rules.

Real-time business insights – Understand your products true performance to identify opportunities, or areas in your existing product portfolio that need action. (Use our Ratings companion app when on the go.)

Dynamic product enrichment – Ratings integrates with a range of enrichment services at point of quote for accurate pricing.

Fraud detection and mitigation – Set your own risk rules based on behaviour at the quoting stage to help prevent manipulated risks being sold.

Define user roles and delegated authority – Create user roles with different levels of authority as you need.

“Ratings is a cutting-edge product, which can help us sustain a competitive advantage in a fast evolving and ever demanding market…it gives us agility around pricing and product distribution so we can act like a direct writer and change rates in real time, which will help us operate more efficiently.”

Gerry Bucke, Adrian Flux

“Ratings is a unique product which provides some brilliant efficiency gains for us. Being involved from an early stage will help to give us a competitive edge.”

Peter Bann, Freeway Insurance Services

“Ratings gives us far greater control over real-time pricing, enrichment and product evolution. We can instantly deploy schemes, blended seamlessly with our call-centre, aggregator, and website activities. The Management Information helps us monitor our performance in real time, giving us options around market protection and footprint management.”

Dave Bowcock, Principal Insurance

Boost your performance with

• Azure hosting for high levels of security and data protection, scalability, and, depending on volume, shared multi-tenant or private isolated clusters.
• Easy to integrate APIs with Swagger documentation.
• Accessible raw quote data for market intelligence.


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