Target your clients and improve quote rate conversions

Ensuring your business can respond to market trends and client demands is crucial in today’s competitive market. Clients expect better pricing customised to their circumstances. With that in mind, your business needs to be adaptable to meet those pricing requirements and stay ahead of the curve. Our real-time pricing application allows your business to flexibly adjust rates of premiums at the touch of a button. This is achieved by setting rules that are specific to your target market and insurer agreements. With this solution in place as part of the purchasing process, your business will no longer need to rely on manually sourcing ‘off screen rates’ when it comes to pricing. This flexible pricing solution caters for both personal and commercial lines of business. When integrated with your Open GI Policy Administration system, it helps you to streamline your operational purchasing processes.

Key benefits

• Create a better bargaining position with insurers. The management information made available allows you to forecast results more effectively so you can secure new schemes and win new business. • Implement tighter pricing controls, which in turn maintains your underwriting integrity and allows you to exploit your specialist knowledge. • Save time, money and improve your overall client service with instant pricing flexibility and an automated quote process. • Offer discounts to your clients through specific ‘off screen’ loads.

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