Mobius Policy Administration

Mobius Policy Administration

Welcome to Mobius.

Whether you are a new entrant looking into a niche market or an established business looking to increase your efficiencies, then you need the most advanced policy administration system. Mobius brings another dimension to insurance software with applications for any style of MGA, Broker or Insurer looking to trade in any market, and via any channel. For an overview of Mobius, please watch our animation by clicking the arrow in the middle of the screen.

“We looked into many different options and found Open GI to be the perfect solution. The software is totally flexible and has been configured to our requirements.”

Carl Pickett, Adrian Flux Group

“Open GI helps us keep firm control on business processing costs through the use of modern technology.”

Peter Wilby, Caravan Guard

“Open GI’s software is intuitive and straightforward to use and from a management perspective, Open GI gives us maximum control with minimum effort.”

Paul McCracken, Freeway Insurance

“The quality of our latest release, the frequency of communication and the speed of error fixes was astounding.”

Donna Swift, Intelligent Insurance

“Twelve years ago, I made the decision that transformed our business, and I would not hesitate to make the same decision again.”

Richard Ironmonger, Lexham Insurance

“We chose Open GI for its flexibility, professionalism, proven scalability, experience and understanding of volume and niche motorcycle insurance requirements.”

Dave Bowcock, Principal Insurance

“With Open GI we have a technology partner that has demonstrated the expertise, commitment and vision to help us achieve our objectives.”

Mike Daly, Sky Insurance

“Today’s most powerful and diverse Policy Admin solution to help you work smarter, increase productivity and win more business.”

Key benefits of Mobius Policy Administration:

• Combines the responsiveness and reliability of a cloud-based policy administration system, with the flexibility of modern software architecture to create a genuinely scalable application that grows with your business needs.

• Offers a completely modern web user interface, simplifying the quote journey process for an all-round, enhanced end-user experience.

• Can be accessed via any desktop, tablet and browser for greater accessibility and speed.

• Provides your business with unrivalled security and protection because all our solutions are hosted securely in the UK.

• Connects you to Open GI’s Partner Network, which hosts over 150 partners from market-leading insurers through to data and enrichment specialists, so you can gain greater access to markets and automate your daily policy workflows.

Our digital products integrate with your system to make your trading capability even more powerful

For more information please contact us on 01905 754455.