IHP and Rating

IHP and Rating

Take control of your products and rating

In today’s competitive market, you need to be in total control. You need to be able to react instantly to change and build, manage and monitor your own products and schemes. At Open GI, we have the solutions to help you do just that. Our latest cloud-based IHP and Rating solutions are developed with insurers and brokers in mind. Each option enables your business to be more agile, and control changes to your new products – all in real-time and irrespective of business line. Both IHP Plus and Ratings give you a deeper understanding of your products thanks to in-depth business intelligence, available at the touch of a button. And spotting fraud has been made easier as each solution has been thoughtfully designed to help identify potential problems. Put the power firmly in your hands, while becoming more efficient and effective, with our most advanced software yet.

What’s different about Open GI’s IHP Plus and Ratings?

Backed by the latest Microsoft technology, both IHP Plus and Ratings are secure and fully scalable. Whatever twists and turns that may occur in your business, we aim to give you peace of mind with solutions that will be flexible enough to meet your needs both now and in the future.

Features IHP Plus Ratings
Product Management and Control Yes Yes
Operational Performance Yes Yes
Dynamic Product Enrichment Yes Yes
Fraud Detection and Mitigation Yes Yes
Real-Time Business Insight and Reporting Yes Yes
Defining User Roles and Delegating Authority Yes Yes
Existing Policy Administration System Integration N/A Yes
Software House Integration Yes N/A
Maximise Distribution Footprint Yes N/A

Here’s what some of our customers think…

“Ratings is a cutting-edge software product, which we believe can help us sustain a competitive advantage in a fast evolving and ever demanding market…it gives us much more agility around pricing and product distribution so we can act like a direct writer and change rates in real time, which we believe will help us operate more efficiently.”

Gerry Bucke, Adrian Flux

“We are using Ratings across a range of delegated authority products to give us far greater control over real-time pricing, enrichment and product evolution. We can create, maintain and instantly deploy schemes, blended seamlessly with our call-centre, aggregator and website activities. The MI (Management Information) we have access to helps us monitor our performance in real time, gives options around market protection, and great options around footprint management.”

Dave Bowcock, Principal Insurance

“Ratings is a unique product which provides some brilliant efficiency gains for us. Being involved from an early stage will help to give us a competitive edge.”

Peter Bann, Freeway Insurance Services

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