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Increase your online B2C reach with our Digital Elements range

Digital Elements is our range of flexible, cost-effective B2C website packages designed to help you deliver the best insurance selling and buying opportunities for all your online business. Each package delivers online quotations in real time, with a quick and easy end-to-end journey for your client.

There are three packages available to choose from – Essential, Extra or Elite – all of which are fully responsive and designed to match your company brand.

Benefits of Digital Elements:

• Your products are available 24/7.
• New schemes can be market ready quickly and easily.
• You can offer secure payment and premium finance options.
• You can cater for all lines of business – standard, niche, multi-vehicle.*

*Platform dependent


Introductory package including 1. A secure, online quote-and-buy solution integrated into your policy administration system. 2. The ability to customise the website to complement your branding. 3. Option to update the question sets displayed to your customers.


Features of Essential plus: 1. Increased flexibility around features such as styling and page flow. 2. The choice to select from pre-defined style options to tailor your journey. 3. The ability to customise question sets. 4. The opportunity to create your own journey to optimise your customers’ experience.


Advanced package includes the features of Essential and Extra plus: 1. The ability to create bespoke solutions and designs to suit your requirements. 2. A collaborative approach to niche business lines. 3. Dedicated monthly web support from Open GI experts to ensure optimum performance of your website.

Want to drive even better results?

Boost your customer insights with Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics is one of our latest solutions that puts you in control of your etrading strategy.

Completely built and managed by us, our Digital Analytics solution provides a powerful reporting suite and toolset so you can track, analyse and understand how your website is performing.

Benefits of Digital Elements:
• Get a real understanding of user behaviour by uncovering trends and patterns in user journeys.
• Use data and not guesswork to test and determine the best course of action for your website.
• See the impact of changes to your website performance in real time with interactive dashboards.
• Improve conversion rates by getting the right information to your customers sooner.


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