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Introducing Percayso Inform

Data enrichment gets a boost

We’re delighted to announce that we have partnered with Percayso Inform, an exciting insurtech business.

Percayso provides insurers and brokers in high-volume personal lines business with access to a wide range of data sources to help them build a more comprehensive view of their customers and improve their pricing strategy. The company’s technology aggregates data, allowing this next generation insurance intelligence to be accessed with a simple API call at significant volume.

Over the past four years, the Percayso team has been building its data enrichment platform, which is integrated with a comprehensive range of data sources from leading industry providers as well as its own proprietary data and solutions. Such data sources include claims, quotes, financial information and ID, fraud and error, geographic information, vehicle, and property.

The Percayso platform also covers all the major personal lines including personal car, commercial vehicle, and home, and is now branching out into SME and commercial lines.

About Percayso and Open GI

The Percayso team is led by Chairman Simon James, who founded Insurance Initiatives Limited, and Managing Director, Rich Tomlinson. Based in Nottingham, Percayso launched formally to the market 18 months ago and since then has made great strides with new broker, insurer, and MGA clients, both large and small.

The team has also won several industry accolades including being selected to the latest cohort of the Fast Forward programme by Slaughter and May last year and included in this year’s InsurTech Impact 25 compiled by Oxbow Partners.

Partnering with Percayso enables us to further enrich the data that we already had access to so we can deliver even more powerful insights to support our customers’ pricing and fraud strategies, and ultimately help improve their loss ratios, conversions and customer value.

The integration process is now underway, and we expect the service to be live shortly. We believe this is an incredibly important new partnership for us. Access to accurate, up-to-date data is only going to grow in importance and working with Percayso will help us to help our customers achieve real competitive advantage.

“Open GI is making huge strides when it comes to delivering agile solutions to the general insurance market, and we’re looking forward to working with the team to jointly deliver ground-breaking new services to OGI’s growing client base.”

Rich Tomlinson, MD Percayso

“We are delighted with our plans to integrate with Percayso and its cutting-edge software. As a technology partner at the forefront of innovation our focus is on providing maximum choice as the go-to technology partner, and this new strategic relationship will continue to make that possible for our customers.”

Simon Badley, Group CEO Open GI

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