Optimising your online journey

Optimising your online journey

How can brokers ensure their digital strategy and online route to market via aggregators is optimised to maximise conversion rates?

As aggregators step up their advertising spend to defend their positions in an increasingly competitive market, brokers that work with these price comparison sites will understand that converting leads to sales is critical. The key influencer here though, in ensuring success and an engaging online experience, is an optimised customer journey and that’s where your approach can make a real difference.

To move confidently through the dynamic online space, there are three main areas to focus on:

Where Open GI can help

Open GI can provide an A/B testing solution where you can direct a small portion of traffic down an amended customer journey to see if it works better than the old one.

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Notes to Editors:

Open GI is the leading technology partner to general insurance brokers in the UK and Irish markets. Its Core broking platform provides multi-line, multi-channel, multi-brand trading capability complemented by innovative ecommerce and mobile technologies. Open GI is part of the Open International Group alongside sister companies PowerPlace, Open GI London and Blue Fire Communications.