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Markerstudy Home coming soon to Open GI

Markerstudy Home (MHR) insurance will be available via IHP Plus Proxy

Markerstudy will be piloting its Home (MHR) Insurance product this summer to select software houses and we are pleased to announce you will soon have access to this new product.

The Markerstudy Home (MHR) Insurance product has been created by consolidating all the groups screen rated home products to enable Markerstudy to deliver its very best terms at all times.

The product will be available via Markerstudy’s IHP Plus Proxy solution, which connects directly into its Hosted Rating (MHR) platform. MHR utilises the latest technology to enhance your experience of its screen-rated Private Car, Telematics, Commercial Vehicle and Taxi offering, providing pre-inception data enrichment, validation and real-time pricing optimisation.

MHR provides simplicity and clarity in the market by consolidating Markerstudy’s products from its MISL range to deliver a single policy wording for each product. Its internal panel arrangement also means the best price is returned for each scheme and your customers.

Insured by A-Rated Accredited Insurance (Europe) Limited – UK branch, the product includes Building, Contents and Personal Possessions Cover.

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