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KGM Motorhome for Open GI brokers

KGM launch Motorhome on Open GI

We are delighted to advise you that KGM’s new Full Cycle EDI Motorhome product is now available to all brokers on OGI.

The KGM Motorhome scheme is designed to cover all types of motorhomes and camper vans being used by private individuals for pleasure use.

Benefits of this scheme include:
• 180-day foreign use.
• £3,500 cover for camping equipment, awnings, and personal effects.
• No garaging requirements (due to the average size of vehicle) – refer any vehicle not kept at the home address.
All ages of motorhomes are covered under this scheme and discounts are allowed for older models. However, if the vehicle is older than 1985 and the mileage is below 5,000 then motorhomes can also be quoted using the KGM classic car rates. The Classic Car rates may offer cheaper premiums but will not include the above scheme benefits and may require the vehicle to be garaged.

Vans that have been self-converted to motorhomes can be covered provided they have been inspected by the DVLA and the vehicle registration documents have been altered accordingly to show motorhome. Vans in the process of conversion should be referred to underwriters before cover is issued.
The key features and benefits of our Motorhome product include:
• Discounts available for Owners’ Club Members.
• European cover for up to 180 days.
• Left-hand drive vehicles are accepted.
• Camping and equipment cover included.
• Self-converted motorhomes.
KGM’s identified target market is:
• Vehicles with a value of up to £20,000 however risks are accepted up to a maximum value of £60,000.     
• Drivers aged 30-74.
• Drivers who have held a full UK licence for over 12 months.
• Drivers who have been UK residents for over three years.
• Max mileage of up to 10,000.
• Vehicles are all a secondary form of transport, i.e. used for holidays and weekend breaks.
• Stored at CaSSOA approved storage sites if not at the home address.

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