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Transform your decision making with InfoCentre Plus

Boost business performance with our new dashboards

To be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s important to have a clear picture of every aspect of your business’ performance. Data is a great tool to give you this clear business overview so you can make smarter decisions. But turning data into meaningful information may also seem a little overwhelming.

So how and where do you start analysing what it means for your business?

For a quicker, more cost-effective way to understand your business intelligence, then we have the perfect solution. We’ve enhanced our InfoCentre Plus product with a new set of dashboards. These provide simple-to-understand visual reports to help you analyse your business performance.

InfoCentre Plus is fully integrated with your Open GI platform, providing users anytime, anywhere access to insights and removing multiple manual steps. It also gives you access to data in real time and consolidates any data changes made from multiple branches for improved visibility.

With this latest version of InfoCentre Plus, you’ll be able to focus on finding customer trends. And do more effective marketing to those customers to boost your revenue potential.

InfoCentre Plus can:

InfoCentre Plus Dashboard Screen

Remove the need for specialist Microsoft SQL knowledge

There’s no need for complicated and exhaustive in-house training or expensive consultants to gain a viewpoint on how your business is performing. Our easy-to-use tool allows everyone to see at a glance, vital information.

Provide real-time dashboards for improved results

Empower your entire team with visually accessible and relevant information that can help identify areas for growth and client profitability.

Enable you to access your dashboards from anywhere

Data updates are mirrored in real time so each branch location can see how it’s performing on key metrics such as policy volumes, number of customers, and retention, as and when needed.

Ensure safety and security

Our platform provides the highest level of reliability and security ensuring your business continues to trade around the clock. With read-only dashboard reports, you can access data without risking the integrity of your Core system data.

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