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Geo Standard Home Scheme

Geo’s exclusive offer for Bravo Network members

Geo Personal Lines at Geo Underwriting launched its new Standard Home product on Open GI for Bravo Network members in November 2021.

With over 90 brokers already writing on it, here is a reminder of what it covers.

Sophisticated and comprehensive, yet hassle-free!
Standard Home provides a simple, hassle-free, and flexible online solution for standard home cover. With sophisticated Insurer Hosted Pricing (IHP) and comprehensive wording, Standard Home also includes optional extras such as Home Emergency and Family Legal Protection.

Geo Standard Home covers for:
• Standard wall construction, including essex, flint, prefab non-combustible, and timber-frame.
• Standard roof construction, including felt on timber, under 33% flat roofs, fibreglass 1980 onwards, metal, shingle, stramit and asphalt.

Activating Geo Standard Home:
To activate the scheme on Open GI, simply follow the instructions on the ‘Geo Standard Home Activation Guide for Open GI‘ using the scheme details: Scheme code: ATGS and Scheme name: AT Geo Standard Home.

Geo Home and Midas Jewel

Don’t forget the Geo Personal Lines’ household offering also has Geo Home and Midas Jewel non-standard home schemes available on OGI. You can access them in the usual way using the scheme details below:
• Scheme code: ATGO and Scheme name: AT Geo Home
• Scheme code: ATMJ and Scheme name: AT Midas Jewel

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