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Geo Specialist IHP Product

Geo Home rates get smarter

Geo Personal Lines recently launched its Insurer Hosted Pricing (IHP) home product, Geo Specialist, on our HomeWriter platform.

Geo’s IHP scheme is available via our IHP Plus Proxy solution and connects directly to Geo’s IHP Hub. By utilising bespoke peril-level technical pricing models and data enrichment from a wide range of licensed, and open-source external data, the new home offering maximises predictive power. These models allow Geo to project performance in real time, deploy agile pricing decisions, and bring its most competitive rating to you, whilst supporting sustainable performance and growth.

Why IHP?
Geo is able to make quick changes to its home offering based on real-time data and respond quickly to the market to support you. Access Geo’s Home IHP scheme on HomeWriter:

Quote Activation
Prior to activation please contact for confirmation of your agency reference.
• HomeWriter EDI.
• Insurer Control.
• Enter Insurer Code ‘ATGO’.
• Press ‘OK’.
• Press F2.
• Insert agency code required near bottom of screen removing the ‘MUW’ prefix.
• Then add to select list.

Adding to Select List
• Go to the HomeWriter Quotation input screen. (Note: This must be done on both sets of Rates versions currently supported on your system.)
• Enter ‘ESC B’.
• Down arrow to ‘Select List’.
• Select the list the scheme is to be added to.
• Find the scheme AT Geo Home (scheme code – ATGO), then press the space bar to add the scheme to the quote list.

Why Geo Home?

Geo Home insurance is a non-standard, sum-insured rated product. Backed by A-rated capacity, it caters for niche risks where competitive quotes through the standard market are less likely to be available.

The profile of properties and clients’ specialist covers includes:
• Non-standard construction.
• Poor claims history, previous terms applied.
• People with convictions.
• Listed buildings.
• B&Bs, paying guests, lodgers.
• Properties undergoing works.
• Unusual property types.
• Business use at home.
• Extended unoccupancy.
• Holiday homes, let properties.

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