Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

An intuitive viewpoint for the latest market knowledge

Accessing real-time business intelligence will help any business get ahead. However, digesting that information into something meaningful doesn’t necessarily need a large team of analytics or mountains of spreadsheets. Now you can keep at the forefront of marketing trends and pinpoint new opportunities with our intuitive technology solution. Our business intelligence solution provides you with real-time illustrations on a range of business critical information. It presents that information in a Microsoft SQL® Server Database, compatible with most third-party data mining applications and reporting tools, to help you easily review important information, data and trends.

Key benefits

• Easily identify areas of profitability, growth and weakness so you can adjust your sales and marketing strategy accordingly and remain responsive. • Quickly create a clear picture of every aspect of your business performance. Whether that be around renewals, new business, marketing or debtors/creditors – you can focus clearly on where your business needs to improve and move forward. • Centralise and keep all of your management reporting in one location from multiple branches and other external sources. Ensuring you are always in control.

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