MGA case study

Pukka Insure

Pukka Insure provides competitive commercial vehicle insurance to professional tradespeople. Straight-forward, uncomplicated insurance with a first class claims service. Schemes are aimed at providing a range of insurance products and services to customers who have been overlooked, unfairly discriminated against or poorly serviced by the existing insurance market.

Pukka has a dedicated underwriting team with the expertise to look more closely at a customer’s driving history. Moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach of standard system-driven, accept/decline underwriting rules, the MGA offers a bespoke underwriting process and is able to give special consideration to drivers who have taken positive action to improve their risk profile since their last accident or conviction.

The MGA utilises Open GI’s V to improve operational efficiency and distribute Open Market Rated (OMR) products to its broker partners.

Open GI provides a complete front and back-office solution to support the MGA as it continues to grow in the van insurance market, offering a telematics product to be distributed via brokers.

“With Pukka Insure’s ambitious prospects and unique proposition it was important that its systems provider could meet the broader demands and needs of an MGA. Open GI provided the implementation and support of a specialist insurance software system to see the successful launch, which we now view as an ongoing relationship as Pukka Insure Ltd expands.”

Ray Westwick, Managing Director of associated business Action 365 Ltd. Ray assisted Pukka Insure Ltd