Core Workshops

Your toolkit for success

We recently completed six, free online workshops offering insight and practical tips to help you get the best from your Core platform. The workshops covered a specific topic, each explored over 3-4 weeks by our product experts to help enhance your knowledge on Core. If you missed any of the content, or just want a refresher, you can watch the recordings from the whole series below.

We’re taking a well-earned break over the summer and will be in touch with further information on our next phase of Core workshops soon.

Workshop 1

All the content from ‘Smart Letters with Open Word’ sessions.

Watch workshop 1 recordings

Workshop 2

All the content from our ‘Creating an Effective Marketing Campaign’ sessions.

Watch workshop 2 recordings

Workshop 3

All the content from our ‘Management Information Creation and Evolution’ sessions.

Watch workshop 3 recordings

Workshop 4

All the content from our ‘Custom Workflows Made Easy’ sessions.

Watch workshop 4 recordings

Workshop 5

All the content from our ‘Going Digital with Quote and Buy’ sessions.

Watch workshop 5 recordings

Workshop 6

All the content from the ‘Your Questions Answered’ sessions.

Watch workshop 6 recordings

What we covered during our workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Smart letters
  • Workshop 2: Effective marketing
  • Workshop 3: Management information
  • Workshop 4: Custom workflows
  • Workshop 5: Going digital
  • Workshop 6: Questions answered