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Micro is our largest e-trading proposition, which works as a wholesale model with our insurers, and uses our own question set – which we maintain. Micro enables access to a wide range of products from an extensive panel of insurers, quickly and easily. From this proposition, you can access our B2C white-label website technology that allows you to trade online with your clients.

Micro key features

• Compare multiple quotes, covers and excesses in minutes through one question set.
• Quotation comparison facility to help you with your ‘fair treatment of customers’ obligations.
• Access a wide range of products from market-leading insurers.
• Maintain insurer account visibility – your insurer receives monthly updates on all business written.
• Designated training service.
• Option of adding your own B2C quote-and-buy website for servicing clients who want to trade with you online.
• Enjoy faster transactional processes and reduced administrative tasks.
• Access all documentation instantly, giving you greater control over accuracy.
• Dedicated underwriting response from insurers.
• Referral capability.

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