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Open GI has been Right Choice’s preferred technology partner for 14 years, and during this time a strong and supportive partnership has been forged. So, when Open GI was looking to review its existing delivery approach, it engaged with Right Choice to help road test its plans. Together, the duo worked through a diagnostic programme to see how a new model could be applied to Right Choice’s latest tech investment – Open GI’s IHP Proxy.

IHP Proxy forms part of Open GI’s range of rating products. It provides brokers, insurers, and MGAs the opportunity to link their own in-house IHP system into Open GI’s Ratings platform. The connectivity between the two offers customers greater opportunities for wider product distribution and access to new markets.

Collaborating together

Right Choice was keen to expand its product distribution and wanted to implement IHP Proxy swiftly into the business. During mid-2020, Open GI and Right Choice kick-started a diagnostic programme which focused on reviewing and changing the development delivery for IHP Proxy using a Systems Thinking methodology. The diagnostic programme produced four significant outcomes:


At the start, a joint workshop took place between the two brands to gather an outline of requirements and shared goals. Together, Open GI and Right Choice agreed a set of targets that would work towards accelerating the delivery of IHP Proxy. This step established a new and energised two-way rapport between the two companies as they started to work closer together.


From that workshop, it was agreed to shift Open GI’s bi-weekly sprint cycle to a weekly schedule. This key change meant that all planned works would keep moving efficiently, and Right Choice could be kept up to date about progress and when it would receive the solution.


It was also agreed to implement an additional weekly review session to keep the delivery momentum in check. This proved a perfect opportunity for Right Choice to gain a greater insight into the development of the project and ask the Open GI team any questions.


Throughout the project, it was agreed to reconstruct the UAT process and loop this into the weekly review session. Automatically this condensed the UAT cycle down into weekly testing blocks. This gave Right Choice the opportunity to regularly feedback and discuss the development of the product directly with the Open GI team and in turn, allowed Open GI to resolve any product issues quickly and easily to keep the project moving.


By adopting this new way of working, Open GI was able reduce the amount of time spent on delivering IHP Proxy to Right Choice by 81%*. (*81% reduction compared to the standard delivery of an IHP Plus system.)

“I feel that this new process has greatly improved our development experience. The short and concise daily meetings assisted with speeding up the process – ensuring that we and Open GI were well informed at each stage of what was required of each other. This meant that queries were resolved faster and resulted in quicker delivery. The excellent communication meant that throughout the project, it felt like we had an extension of our own development team – going above and beyond our expectations.”

Mike Joseph, CEO

The future

This successful journey, taken in partnership with Right Choice, marks Open GI’s first use of Systems Thinking as a methodology for understanding and redesigning how it approaches delivery to improve performance for the benefit of its customers. As a result, Open GI is now embarking on a wider review in a bid to re-evaluate and improve its speed to market delivery across its entire portfolio.

During 2021, Open GI will be implementing its Systems Thinking approach across its development delivery. Each delivery project will seek to identify opportunities to adopt new collaborative customer approaches and will be led by a dedicated Delivery Lead. The objective is to facilitate the business in transforming all Open GI’s future development delivery projects.

Customers are at the heart of Open GI’s initiative, which aims to ensure thorough collaboration to achieve efficient, effective results.

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